Prom Week Presented at FDG 2013

We’re proud to report that our paper on Prom Week, Prom Week: Designing past the game/story dilemma, was accepted and presented at the 2013 Foundations of Digital Games Conference in Crete, Athens this past week. In addition to providing an overview of Prom Week’s general mechanics and social physics, this paper tells the story of Prom Week’s humble origins as a paper prototype, and how it grew into the achievement in interactive story telling that we know of today.

Although other papers have been published on the subject, we view this as the definitive paper on Prom Week itself as a playable experience. But don’t worry! There will hopefully be many additional publications on the way covering both Comme Il Faut, as well as further user evaluation to measure Prom Week’s strengths for use in future work.

And we would be remiss to not offer a nod to the fact that actual Prom season is upon us once again! To all the real life Zacks, Monicas, Chloes, and Gunters in the world, we wish you a happy and safe Prom night, with all your social goals fulfilled and satisfied!