“Play this. It genuinely deserves the often-abused term ‘groundbreaking.'”Zest For Life

“It is among the most entertaining and innovative things I’ve yet seen at E3.”Wired

“…a notable advance in the state of the art of interactive narrative design.”Play This Thing

“…making social interactions into a playable experience is a revolutionary idea.”Kevin Rothermel

“a magnificent technical achievement… should be played by both gamers and designers with interest in increased social complexity in games.”Paste Magazine

“The Next Angry Birds?”Discovery News

“After the grim social strategies I’d been considering, did I deserve to be Prom King? …now I feel bad and impressed, and want to play it all over again.”Rock Paper Shotgun

“…one of the more interesting social-gameplay systems out there.”Emily Short

“While Prom Week could be played as a puzzle game, the narrative takes over almost immediately. …The genius of Prom Week [is how] it swiftly moves beyond the mechanical, beyond the ludic, to the personal and emotional.”Alastair Stephens

“Prom Week’s style of storytelling is more natural than The Sims. …characters speak in text-based English.”New Scientist