Play through all the drama, romance, and backstabbing of the frantic week before the Prom! With an innovative new “social physics” engine, Prom Week puts the story in the player’s hands by allowing them to shape the social lives of high school students.

Is Chloe dating Edward? Break them up by having Mave make a pass! Is Zach the lamest kid in school? If he dates queen bee Monica he’s got a shot at the Prom King crown! And remember — this is high school, so the whole school knows about everything you do; the fact that Mave hit on Edward is going to influence Mave’s chances when she asks out Edward’s best friend!

In Prom Week, there are infinite ways to solve social puzzles, make and break relationships, play matchmaker, find BFFs, and make frenemies … to craft a truly unique high school experience.

Key Features:

  • ”Social Physics” enables emergent solutions — you decide how it plays out.
  • Social Artificial Intelligence that keeps track of every decision you make, letting the characters respond dynamically to everything you do.
  • Characters with histories, personalities, likes and dislikes that all impact how they interact with each other.
  • Story mode lets you shoot for social goals and solve puzzles, like finding a new friend for Doug or a date for Chloe.
  • In Free Play mode, manipulate the hapless high schoolers to your heart’s content!

Funding for Prom Week was in part provided by the National Science Foundation award IIS-0747522.